Elements of Rally

Harley s, Video, Rock and Roll and Sturgis South Dakota..

I think you will agree this sounds like a volatile mix!!

If you add these together it is the formula for a whole lot of fun! :-)

Harleys to Hondas to John Deeres ! Rally sees them aLL!

Sturgis South Dakota at Rally time has all this and so much more !

For me it is a time now that I see a lot of people that’s the only time I see them all year long, rally friends as opposed to fair weather friends.

What makes these Sturgis Rally so attractive to so many people?

The Harleys alone are a sight and when I say that I think of all the awesome non Harley rides that I see every year at Rally.. But when you add videos to being able to record all the cool bikes, the sites that make you do a double take. Pictures and video allow us to share pieces of our experience with others, It is one thing to see these pictures, watch some videos, It is quite another to be one of the multitude of machines that gather at Sturgis each year.

The next factor is the beautiful scenery of the Black Hills. There is some of the finest riding in the world here in the beautiful Black Hills. Just the bikes and the Black Hills would get my interest as they are my most favorite things in life. The great outdoors and a good motorcycle!

When you add the music that is available, now I say rock and roll, because thats what I like! Sturgis Rally brings in some great rock and country bands also. The artists that are doing shows in Sturgis continues to grow every year. This also is a great passion of mine is music. This makes The Rally a great opportunity to catch bands. The memories are all fond ones and I am looking forward to August 3rd-9th 2009!

Harleys, Video, Rock and Roll and Sturgis South Dakota.. mixed in with great friends makes Sturgis Rally the place to be first week of August! Hope to see you there, if you can not make it, check back during and after Rally, we should have some cool updates!

Sturgis Rally Headquarters, The Armory at Rally Time!
Sturgis Rally Headquarters, The Armory at Rally Time!

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