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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 in Pictures and Video…

August 16th, 2012

Hard Core.. Sturgis Rally 2012


Sturgis Rally 2012 What will Happen This Year?

August 5th, 2012

Sturgis Rally 2012 Photos- click on the images to see the full size picture..

Take a Tour of The Legendary Sturgis, South Dakota

September 29th, 2010

The end has a small shot of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, to see more please check out our Sturgis Non Profits tab and look for The Sturgis motorcycle Museum and The Hall of Fame

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Welcome to Sturgis South Dakota!

October 28th, 2009

70th Sturgis Rally and Races This Year!

Though we are just starting out in 2010, the 70th annual occurrence of The famous Sturgis Rally and Races are right around the corner. Are you coming?

Though the 2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is just fading into our memory, it is time to start getting for the 70th Anniversary of this world famous event!
Thousands of bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts and people watchers from across the globe have made their plans to make the trek by motorcycle (the sacred way), truck (with bike trailer), car, boat, plane and train to be a part of the seventieth anniversary of the Black Hills biggest event.. The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is gearing up for a large crowd that have come another year and those who are making their pilgrimage for the first time.

The world famous museum has been building their world-class historic motorcycle exhibits and accepting nominees for the Hall of Fame. The Motorcycle Museum will have a big collection of official 2010 Sturgis Rally patches, pins and other memorabilia to make your trips memory better.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum officially opened in 2001, the museum was started as a way to preserve motorcycling history and culture,combining our rich past history with the current event. Throughout the rest of the year, you can support the museum and further this cause. You can sign up to reap the benefits of membership. Members receive exclusive motorcycle patches, free admission to the museum, Sturgis gift shop discounts, invitations to member’s only events, and more.

While being present at the 70th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will make you a part of motorcycle history, support of the non-profit Sturgis Motorcycle Museum will help to ensure that heritage is preserved.

999 Main Street
Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 347-2001

TruTV Features The Full Throttle Saloon

TruTV has had an eye full of Sturgis Rally fun and decided to make a show  featuring Micheal Ballards Full Throttle Saloon. This will be a One-Hour Series Premiering Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 10 p.m. (ET) TruTV Goes Behind the Scenes at Michael Ballard’s Biker bar The Full Throttle Saloon claiming the title of the worlds largest biker bar.


The shows will detail the events and also the struggles of running this operation. It will detail the behind the scenes of running a operation that is 30 acres of tattoos, leather, alcohol, Harley Davidsons and the ladies and gentlemen that ride them.  The Full Throttles set up includes indoor and outdoor bar, a famous burn out pit, numerous stages with live music, tattoo parlor, wresting ring, stores, vendors, cabins for rent,  and parking for thousands of bikes.

What an operation! This is all planned for the two weeks of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

I wish Micheal the best as he has always been a friend and helpful to us. Micheal has donated a booth to our non profit organization and helped us with fundraisers for the Rapid City Club for Boys for many years. It will be interesting to see the behind the scenes of the Full Throttle Saloon!08-17-07-031-rc-club-for-boys-boys-rags

Thanks to Mike, Angie and the Full Throttle crew for all of your support !  FTS rocks!

My Latest Video Production from Sturgis Rally 2009. The Famous Main Street Photo and the Hail Storm!…

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2009

If you want more information after viewing this page please click on the rally tab or click on this link for information and videos of Sturgis Rally 2009

Video taken in the City Park of Sturgis South Dakota USA
Please take a break from your internet toils and enjoy! A short video to welcome you to my site…

Please see the footage below of the bronze work of Samuel Sturgis here at the city park, while shooting this I had a scaled surprise visitor! Samuel Sturgis is the historical figure that this fine town is named after. You can find out some more by clicking the history tab above or click here A Little Sturgis History

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Sturgis Main Street at Sturgis Rally looking West…

May 18th, 2009

Originally uploaded by mrkensworld777

I am looking forward to this years pictures and posts!
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally otherwise known as The Black Hills Motor Classic Rally and Races, comes in the first week of August every year. Here is what main street will look like again this year.

Will you be in the picture?

It is the event of the year here in Sturgis South Dakota USA!
It is loved by many and dreaded by some.
The Black Hills Motor Classic brings up to 400,000 extra people to our area every August!
The first week of August every year since 1943 Sturgis transforms from a small town to Hog Heaven USA!
This is Main Street 2007!
Traffic counts were down to 400,000 last year.It is hard to tell the difference!

Here are some past statistics from The South Dakota DOT

DOT Traffic Counts:
2008 (68th) – 401,000

1990 (50th) – 400,000
1999 (59th) – 300,000-325,000
2000 (60th) – 550,000-633,000
2001 (61st) – 410,000
2002 (62nd) – 450,000
2003 (63rd) – 502,000
2004 (64th) – 514,951
2005 (65th) – 525,250
2006 (66th) – 456,968
2007 (67th) – 507,234
2008 (68th) – 400,000

This is part of Main Street that you dont usually see, the other end..

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Down Town Main Street NCOM Building

Down Town Main Street NCOM Building

Here is some more information on Sturgis 57785 Home of the Black Hills Motor Classic!
Here is a short Video of Sturgis Main Street In March of 2009


Here is another resource of mine The Black Hills Motor Classic in Sturgis, South Dakota USA 57785

Sturgis 2009 – 69th Annual Motorcycle Rally By Woody Longacre

May 17th, 2009

2008 has come and gone, many things have changed. We elected the 44th and first black president of the United States, the economy has sunk to a historical low and many of us are now looking for new jobs. One thing hasn’t changed however and that is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Yes indeed no matter how things change you can always count on the Sturgis Rally to lift your spirits. This year being the 69th :) is set for August 3rd – 9th. Are You Ready! Don’t count on the world stopping and waiting for you, it’s time to make your plans. Before we know it, August will be here and we’ll be right back in the middle of Main Street madness and partying mayhem, loving every minute of it!

Many of us begin planning for “next year” soon after leaving “this year”. The excitement and memories are hard to let go, new friends are made and old acquaintances are renewed, deciding to come back and do it all over again is a no brainer. Some folks will be coming for the first time, and others will just show up. No matter what group you fit, you are sure to make some wonderful memories, new friends and have a fantastic time.


Beautiful Black Hills Sunset

The beauty of the Black Hills is breathtaking and the roads are pure joy for a biker.

There are many places on this planet that offer this kind of riding but Western South Dakota in August is unbeatable. Incredible roads like Iron Mountain, Needles Highway, Spearfish Canyon and the Wildlife Loop take you to amazing destinations. Rides to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, Bear Butte State Park, the Badlands and Devil’s Tower National Monument are truly incredible rides you are sure to enjoy. Highway 14A’s big, wide turns transport you to the infamous town of Deadwood and the mining town of Lead, and the awesome Highway 385 meanders past towns like Hill City, Silver City and Custer, all contained in the Black Hills National Forest. These rides are awe-inspiring and amazing and are a joy that will be remembered until the day you (insert own word or phrase here).

In addition to the roads and day trips there are many events: concerts, races, and bike shows, five blocks of Main Street bikes-only street vibe, the 7th Annual Mayor’s Ride, Michael Lichter’s annual exhibit, the 6th Annual World Championship of Custom Bike Building, free style stunters, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, organized rides, the Limpnickie Lot, some pretty impressive watering holes, custom legends, blue skies, warm and sunny days. There are many other of motorcycle related events to keep participants occupied. Boss Hoss demo rides are featured throughout the event. Burnout competitions are popular with spectators and are offered a few times during the week at the Full Throttle Saloon. There are demos and exhibits throughout the day each day of the event and shows featuring custom bikes from around the country. There will also be many vendors on hand offering everything from motorcycle related merchandise to tattoos as well as great food and of course your favorite beverages are plentiful.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an experience of a lifetime, if you haven’t started your planning now is the time to begin. The town of Sturgis has a population of less than 7,000 so it is understandable that an event attracting over half a million bikers would create logistical problems with lodging concerns. If you are planning to attend, it is wise to make reservations for accommodations well in advance of your trip to ensure you can secure a room close to the main site of the rally. Below is a list of some great places where your sleeping accommodations can be made.

To find a lodging in the Sturgis area go to:

Camping is the most popular option for those attending the rally (mostly because there are not enough lodging for everyone), don’t sweat it though, some of the best parties are in the camp grounds! Nearby campgrounds include the following:

Big Rig RV Park: – features wireless Internet access and spacious lots of 60′ and 100′ close to the rally site.

Bulldog Campground: – features RV camping as well as cabins which accommodate 2-8 guests. This campground is located five miles from Sturgis and features nightly entertainment and happy hour as well as an onsite restaurant.

Creekside Campground: – located 4 miles from Sturgis, this campground features RV camping, tent camping as well as cabins. Highlights of the campground include an onsite store selling food and beverages and easy highway access.

Glencoe Camp Resort: – has been catering to Sturgis participants for over 20 years. This campground has over 160 acres of camping with ample shade. In 2006 they will unveil a 34 acre outdoor amphitheater which will feature live music all week long. A 24 hour restaurant is also onsite for the convenience of campers.

Hog Heaven Campground: – with over 150 acres of camping, this campground situated in the Black Hills is an ideal location for Sturgis participants. The campground is open from July 31st through Aug. 13th this year and will host live bands providing entertainment for guests.

Katmandu Campground: – features 250 RV sites, cabins and 50 acres of camping. Located just two miles from Sturgis, this location is convenient for participants. Highlighted amenities include laundry facilities and wireless Internet access.

Sturgis View Campground: – located only 1.5 miles from downtown Sturgis. This campground is famous for its spectacular views. Other highlights include RV camping, cabins and ample acreage for tent camping.

For more information about these accommodations do a web search using the respective venue name as the key phrase.

One Word of Caution

Don’t want to be a downer here but please be advised. An unfortunate aspect of Sturgis is the frequent occurrence of the disappearance of motorcycles.  Estimates indicate approximately a $250,000 worth of motorcycles are stolen each year. Considering today’s prices this is equivalent to 3 to 10 bikes or so. That’s not many considering there could be 200,000 bikes at the event. However if it’s your bike that gets stolen this fact is only make you feel worse. Motorcycles on the higher end of the price spectrum as well as custom bikes and show models are those most likely to be stolen, but all participants should take precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

For more information about Sturgis 2009 do a web search on key phrase “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally“. There are many great sites available with complete event information and news to help you plan a great and enjoyable adventure.

This article written by Woody Longacre and is brought to you on behalf of, – Harley News, Videos, Articles, Chat Forum and Online shopping for everything Harley!

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Come visit Beautiful Sturgis South Dakota!

April 12th, 2009

The choice is yours come enjoy a walk through the beautiful Black Hills on a summer afternoon or check out the action on  Main Street during the Legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, there is  something for everyone in and around  Sturgis South Dakota USA.

Beautiful Black Hills South Dakota

Beautiful Black Hills South Dakota

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