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Sturgis Main Street at Sturgis Rally looking West…

May 18th, 2009

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I am looking forward to this years pictures and posts!
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally otherwise known as The Black Hills Motor Classic Rally and Races, comes in the first week of August every year. Here is what main street will look like again this year.

Will you be in the picture?

It is the event of the year here in Sturgis South Dakota USA!
It is loved by many and dreaded by some.
The Black Hills Motor Classic brings up to 400,000 extra people to our area every August!
The first week of August every year since 1943 Sturgis transforms from a small town to Hog Heaven USA!
This is Main Street 2007!
Traffic counts were down to 400,000 last year.It is hard to tell the difference!

Here are some past statistics from The South Dakota DOT

DOT Traffic Counts:
2008 (68th) – 401,000

1990 (50th) – 400,000
1999 (59th) – 300,000-325,000
2000 (60th) – 550,000-633,000
2001 (61st) – 410,000
2002 (62nd) – 450,000
2003 (63rd) – 502,000
2004 (64th) – 514,951
2005 (65th) – 525,250
2006 (66th) – 456,968
2007 (67th) – 507,234
2008 (68th) – 400,000

This is part of Main Street that you dont usually see, the other end..

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Down Town Main Street NCOM Building

Down Town Main Street NCOM Building

Here is some more information on Sturgis 57785 Home of the Black Hills Motor Classic!
Here is a short Video of Sturgis Main Street In March of 2009


Here is another resource of mine The Black Hills Motor Classic in Sturgis, South Dakota USA 57785